How Do You Know it’s Time to Have Your Home Pressure Cleaned?

Time to Have Your Home Pressure CleanedPressure cleaning should be part of your regular home maintenance routine, but for many people it isn’t. Sometimes it just isn’t something people think of until they realize it needs to be done. But how do you know it’s time to have your home pressure cleaned? Here are some of our tips.

Roof Discoloration

Your roof is showing signs of discoloration. This can be in the form of streaks or all over color. That isn’t good for a few reasons. If you have a shingled roof, it can actually be breaking down the shingles and rotting away at your roof, and eventually cause a leak and a roof replacement down the line. It can also be hiding problems you don’t know you have. Having it pressure cleaned is much less expensive than replacing a whole roof.


Not only does mold cause your home to look dirty and old, but it is unhealthy for your family. If mold is growing on the outside of your home, it can be tracked inside and cause you to become sick. Your family’s safety comes first, and mold is a telltale sign that your home needs to be pressure cleaned.

Dirty Driveway/Walkway

A dirty driveway is another location that is great to look at but can also pose a health risk. If your driveway is covered in mold or mildew, yes it loses curb appeal, but it also becomes a slip and fall hazard. It could also have oil or other debris on it which means it may need a good cleaning. Either way, if it looks dirty, it’s time to be pressure cleaned.

Exterior Painting

Paint won’t stick to dirty surfaces, if it’s time for a paint job, it should be pressure cleaned first. After your house is pressure cleaned you might even realize that it was just dirty and doesn’t even need to be painted after all!

Pressure washing is a valuable part of home maintenance, but only when it is done properly. Pressure washing is something that should be left to professionals like Under Pressure. We have over 20 years of experience, and are still dedicated to continuing education and training in our field. Get a quote today!

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