Paver Sealing – See Why it Matters So Much

If you drive around neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, you’ll likely notice many of the driveways have beautiful pavers, and many of them look shiny and new. This is because they have pavers that are sealed. Paver Sealing in Lakewood Ranch, and other areas around Sarasota really matters, see why it matters so much.


Paver Sealing

Having pavers sealed is like adding a top coat to your nail polish, or to an exterior painting job. You wouldn’t leave that without one, so why leave your pavers without a seal coating? It adds that extra touch that gives it that beautiful finish. But it’s so much more than just a beautiful finish. It’s an added layer of protection. Similar to when you get your car washed and waxed after, the car is waxed to protect the paint job.


Simply put, paver sealing is the only way that you can protect your pavers from the elements we face here in southwest Florida. Licensed professionals apply this industrial strength top coat to your existing or new pavers; this top coat is designed to help prevent:

  • Mold
  • Stains
  • Weeds
  • Movement of the sand underneath them
  • Wear and tear


There are many benefits of having your pavers sealed. Benefits of paver sealing include:


  • Long lasting beauty with one application
  • Improved curb appeal which can increase value
  • Less maintenance. With sealing, there will be less need to have them cleaned as the mold and mildew won’t be growing between them.
  • Longer lasting pavers. Not only will they look better, but because they aren’t absorbing everything that comes into contact with them, they can last longer.


When you contact Under Pressure to have your pavers sealed, you have options available to you regarding the shine and luster of your paver’s appearance. Pavers can be the focal point of your property; you want them to represent your style. Contact Us to learn more about paver sealing.

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