Soft Roof Washing Is More Important Than You Might Think

Above: Soft roof washing before and after – Under Pressure is now part of the Krystal Klean family.

A roof is not only an important visual component of your home or business, it also plays a very important role in the overall integrity of your structure.

Buildup of mold, pollen, pine needles, dust or leaves can damage your roof and result in leaks. A dirty roof also absorbs a lot more solar heat, increasing the cost of air conditioning. Regular soft washing of your roof is an essential maintenance task to extend the life of your roof.

Soft washing a roof is a much different than standard pressure washing, especially with shingle or tile roofs. Normal pressure washing is not recommended for shingle or tile roofs, because pressure washing can damage the roof without removing fully removing problematic organic material that can be stuck in between shingles and tiles.

Here at Under Pressure, our merger with Krystal Klean has given us expanded capabilities and additional capacity for soft roof washing using a special process developed by Krystal Klean.

The primary focus of soft roof washing is to remove and kill all of the organic material on a roof because in many cases there could be a chemical reaction going on. Certain forms of algae – for example – actually eat away at shingles.

However, this process is not just about cleaning the roof. It’s also about protecting the plant life in your yard from the chemicals used to sterilize mold, algae and organic buildup.

An important part of our process is to capture and neutralize the disinfecting chemicals used, taking special care to protect the plant life, lawn and trees around your home.

The last step of our process is to give the plant life around the home a water-rinse with a dose of fertilizer to make sure your plants are healthy and beautiful.

This one minute video explains our unique approach to soft roof washing, including how we protect the plant life around your building. Contact us today to get an estimate.


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