Five Areas to Pressure Clean

Our homes are one of our biggest investments, therefore one of the best ways to keep our home clean and up to date is to have it pressure cleaned. The best way to have it pressure cleaned the right way, and without spending all day doing it yourself, is to hire a professional pressure cleaning company. These are the five areas to pressure clean to keep your home looking tidy and new.

Five Areas to Pressure Clean


Your driveway is one of the most used areas of your home. With cars coming in and out of it, and regular foot traffic, it gets a lot of use. With the rain and humidity, mold and mildew can build up quickly, not to mention dirt and grime too. Tires track in a lot of dirt on them. Professional pressure washers can obliterate the buildup in no time, using high quality cleaning solutions and power washing equipment.


Brick pavers can really benefit from a good pressure cleaning. The cracks between the pavers fill up with weeds and mold very easily in the Lakewood Ranch area of Florida. When you have the right combination of gentle cleaning solutions and pressurized water will remove these, leaving your patio clean and inviting.


Do you have a shady area covering your fence? If so, it’s probably green with algae. Professional pressure washers can clean wood fences with ease, being sure not to damage them. Be sure to call a highly reputable one like Under Pressure, as it’s easy to damage wood surfaces.


It doesn’t matter what type of siding your home is made from, the best pressure washing company will be able to clean it. Whether it’s made out of wood, cedar shake, vinyl plank, brick, or stone, they can all be deep cleaned with pressure washing.


We can even safely soft wash your roof. Your roof protects your whole house. We treat it, and all surfaces of your home with the utmost of care.

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