Prevent Weeds from Growing In Your Brick Pavers

Weeds growing in brick pavers is unsightly whether it’s in your patio, your pool enclosure, your walkway or your driveway. Not only do weeds make the area look bad, but they’re difficult to remove. Who wants to pull weeds all day?

To prevent weeds from growing in your brick pavers it’s important to know how they begin growing there in the first place. Brick pavers have sand underneath them, and when the sand washes away, it opens the opportunity for weed seeds to settle in the cracks and grow. It doesn’t take many seeds to quickly overcome the entire area.

Weeds in Brick Pavers

If weeds have already grown in between your brick pavers, hire a professional pressure washing company to remove them. By hiring a professional, they will carefully clean the pavers so they aren’t removing the sand from the joint they’re growing in. Not only are the weeds being removed, but the pavers are being cleaned at the same time!

The next step is to prevent weeds from coming back. It is recommended to sand them with polymeric sand. Polymeric sand can help to reduce the amount of water that runs between the brick pavers, which helps keep the foundation intact. This will also help to prevent weeds from growing in the future. This sand also improves your patio’s durability with its bonding ability by helping to prevent erosion.

Sealed Brick Pavers

After the area has been sanded, it is time to seal the brick pavers. Having brick pavers sealed is your best defense against weeds. It also protects against erosion, stains, and wear and tear. Sealing pavers will also help them from fading in the Florida sun! Not only that, but sealed pavers look better, as they can have a glossy finish. They can change the whole appearance of your pool, patio, or driveway.

Under Pressure Washing can have your brick pavers looking like new in no time! Call us today for the best service in Lakewood Ranch at competitive prices you can rely on.


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