Sealing Brick Pavers Protects Your Investment

Just as when you purchase a home, you want it protected. When you invest in having brick pavers installed in your patio or driveway, you want those protected too. Sealing brick pavers protects your investment.

Whether brick pavers are in your pool patio, walkway or driveway they can be exposed to different elements which wear them down.

Brick Pavers in Pool Patio

When brick pavers are in your pool patio, not only are they exposed to the sun, but they are likely to get wet more often when people are in and out of the pool. This gives the pavers increased ability to grow mold and mildew. Further, the increased water can wash away the sand underneath the pavers more quickly. This sand is there to provide stability for the pavers.  When brick pavers are sealed, not only does it help to prevent mold growth, but it helps to prevent the sand from being washed away, making for a more stable environment for the pavers.

Sealing Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers in the Driveway

A driveway made of brick pavers is not only beautiful, but expensive. This is why it makes sense to protect it by having it sealed. This too is subjected to the hot Florida sun, as well as rain, but because it’s a driveway, cars are not only driving on it, but likely parking on it too, making it ripe for oil drips which will stain the pavers. Having the pavers sealed can help to protect them from all of the above. Not only protecting your investment, but keeping the color as fresh as the day they were installed as well.

Under Pressure specializes in both commercial and residential brick paver sealing and cleaning services. We want to be sure that your investment is protected. We are dedicated to building relationships through exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Call 941-229-8313 today for a free estimate, or get a quote online!

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