7 Reasons to Have Your Brick Pavers Sealed

Brick pavers provide one of the most attractive and distinctive materials to landscape design. The one thing that makes them stand out even more is when the brick pavers are sealed. Brick pavers are mostly used for patios, pool decks, driveways walkways and edging. With proper care and maintenance, they can provide many useful years to any landscape design.

Brick Paver Sealed "before"

Before Brick Paver Sealing

Brick Paver Sealed "after"

After Brick Paver Sealing









Reduce Deterioration

Having your brick pavers sealed will reduce deterioration due to many factors including UV light which is especially important in the Bradenton and Sarasota area of Florida. It will also help them retain their natural color through the years.

Extend Surface Life

The surface life of brick pavers will last longer when they are sealed simply because they are sealed. This is protecting them from every day use, and from weather elements, as well as having things dropped on them causing chips or cracks.

Mold Reduction

Having brick pavers sealed prevents moisture from being trapped between and underneath the sand around the pavers, thus preventing mold growth.

Reduce Weed Growth

Sealed brick pavers will also help to prevent weeds from growing.

Brick Stabilization

When brick pavers are sealed, the sand beneath and around them are stabilized and kept in place. When it rains, or when irrigation systems run, sand won’t be disrupted causing the pavers to move. The hidden benefit of this is for those pavers around pools, no more sand transferred to the pool!

Stain Reduction

Sealed brick pavers are less likely to be stained by oil or other types of spills. They also won’t be stained by irrigation systems or water absorption.

Enhance Beauty

The exterior of your home says just as much as the interior. Sealing your brick pavers will enhance the curb appeal of any landscaping project.

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